The Alchemy of Improv

The Alchemy of Improv is a co-creative dance ceremony, which weaves the magic of authentic dance with live, improvised music. In this intimate container of self-expression, prayers are cast through the ethers where the elements, dance and music alchemize. A potent and vulnerable exchange, The Alchemy of Improv reveals pure magic and healing, time and time again. 

The Alchemy of Improv began as a 6 month class series, offered at SomaSpace, in Portland, Oregon. Inspired to foster a community-building, collaborative experience, Jess invited her favorite musicians to participate in this offering. Portland's finest musicians came together every other week to get a taste of the alchemy. The musicians surrendered and trusted the flow, as some had only met moments before playing for the class. Exquisite music moved the dancers into places of darkness, vulnerability, creativity and empowerment; as they danced a prayer for their lives, the rest of the class witnessed.

Since that time, Jess has been honored to teach The Alchemy of Improv at Envision Festival in Costa Rica in February 2017 and at Embrace Festival at The Portland Art Museum. With live music, deep intention, ceremony and collaboration, Jess will be taking this special offering on a Tour de Cascadia, Summer 2017! Stay tuned for the announcement!

Believing strongly in the importance of balance, Jess’ dance classes are holistic in nature and focus on ritual, mindfulness, improvisation, connection & collaboration. 

The Alchemy of Improv at Embrace Festival | Portland Art Museum | May 5th, 2017

Musicians: Water Eye, Dar Sernoff, Saffire Bouchelion, Christopher Bronson Wood, Michael Dougherty & Kim Alder McDonald