We elevate one another through our collaborations...

"Woman" by Amber Lily

Directed by: Jess Carmen Young | Filmed & Produced by: Ian Stout

"Woman" serves as a proclamation to the women of the world--to encourage us to wake-up, to claim our power, to serve from a place of love, compassion & inspiration and to recognize the limitless potential that exists when women come together in collaboration. 

The vision of this video was divinely inspired and came to me in a series of images; women dressed in red, communing together in nature for the empowerment of all women. Each time I watch "Woman", I get a glimpse of myself and my soul that I wouldn't otherwise be able to see. This project has sparked a fire within me. I am waking up to my passion--my childhood dream is reawakening!

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"Open Roses" by The Ancient Wild

Attunement Movement was invited by The Ancient Wild to debut in their music video, “Open Roses”. All choreography was created on the set in a matter of minutes. The magical weavings of the harp flowed through us, our contribution was effortless!


"Malama Aina" by Sara Tone

This first time I saw Sara Tone perform “Malama Aina” at the Beloved Festival in 2014, I came to life in a way that I had not yet experienced. It felt as if my DNA was responding to the music and I knew that one day I would be performing to this song. It was truly an Awakening, down to the cellular level! Since that time, I have collaborated with Sara Tone in various, creative ways. I am elated to be directing and dancing in her music video, “Malama Aina” in 2017.

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"We Will Be Heard" by One Tribe

"We Will Be Heard"... Wow, what an anthem! The visions are flowing in for this music video: Flash mobs, drone shots, cliff-side singing with Jordan Walker, Kelly Love, Amber Lily & Tubby Love! Stay tuned!